6 Ways to Make Your Home More Pet-Friendly

If you’re even remotely thinking of having a pet at home – and we do not want to be party-spoilers – but things are not going to be as rosy as you see with Scooby-Doo and Shaggy, even if you have got a handy stash of Scooby snacks ready at all times!  

There is no denying that pets are a bundle of joy that liven up any kind of space with their energy and enthusiasm. Having said that, they also come with a huge responsibility on your part to make things as comfortable and friendly for them as possible. And if you want to do that without either compromising on the style quotient of your home or banishing your pets to the yard, you may need to tweak a couple of things. 

And once you get your house in the perfect pet-friendly condition, you will realize that what’s good for cats and dogs is not too bad for humans either! In fact, your guests and kids may even thank you for it. 

Tips and Tricks to Keep Your House Pet-Friendly And Beautiful

Regular Bathing and Grooming

With the kind of mess that clean and cuddly pets can make in your house, with all the scratching and pawing, you would not want to imagine the situation when they are all dirty, shedding hair, with nails big enough to dig their own beds in your backyard just in case you forgot the nightly beddy-bye.  

The solution: Always keep your pets clean with regular brushing and pet grooming. Look at it this way, won’t you rather wash your pet than take up the humongous task of cleaning all your furnishings every week? Besides, isn’t washing your pet the most fun activity in the world, even when it’s a full-blown Turner and Hooch wrestling match?! 

Choose Your Carpets Carefully

Carpets are generally not a good idea for pets since, sooner or later, they become a repulsive collection of pet hair, stains, and a million varieties of pet odors that you would not want to explore! Go for a low pile carpet, if you must, that does not unravel with your pet’s toenail.  

Or shun them all together for designed-for-pets bed furnishings, such as mats and blankets, and grab some bonus points by matching its color with the pet’s fur. 

Shower Your Pets With Toys


Gone are the days when the best available toys for your dogs were rawhide bones that it would suck on until Dadda felt generous again! Besides, the smell and sight of these not-so-attractive toys won’t do your interior decor any good either.  

Instead, get some rubber toys for your dog to chew on and something like a scratching post for cats. The kind of joy you would see in their eyes when these brand-new toys arrive would make you doubt whether humans are the only worthy connoisseurs of art! 

Plan Your Pet’s Room

So often, when people decide to bring pets into their homes, they forget that their lifestyle is not quite accustomed to our Netflix-and-Chill mode. Dogs, especially, are creatures that love going outdoors. Hence, you need to have a smooth pet door or flap for them, no matter if you own a two-pounder Chihuahua or a 120-pound Bernese Mountain dog!  

Design a room to get them clean when they come back, installed with built-in shelves and storage for towels and food. You can also have pet furniture, such as makeshift kennels, pet beds, and birdhouses, in this part of the house. Just keep in mind that Tweety and Sylvester get separate quarters! 

Choose the Right Fabrics

Say heartfelt goodbyes to all your silk, chintz, and velvet fabrics pretty much the same day you say hello to Fido if you don’t want him to make abstract art out of them! Instead, get some sturdy leather or Krypton fabrics that are far easier to clean and more durable. Also, use washable fabrics in your bed and pads to protect your mattresses. 

Careful With the Litter

Do not forget that your pets need some privacy, too, especially when it comes to cats minding their business! Install a separate cabinet for concealing cat litter or use a screen to hide the litter box (we know Garfield would approve!).  

It’s also a good idea to install a separate bathing station for pets with all the bathing essentials like hand showers, brushes, and pet perfumes. This is especially recommended for those who don’t quite like the equation: clean pet equals dirty bathroom. 

Welcome New Changes for the New Family Member

As you see, with just a small number of design and organizational changes, you can carve out a warm and friendly niche for your pets. And for all the love and affection you get from them, it’s only fair that you give something back! You can also check out the pet category on the Pepperfry website for a wide range of products and furnishings designed especially for your pets so that they always feel at home. 

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