7 Mid-Century Modern Décor & Style Ideas to Spruce Up Your Bedroom

Oh to live your dream of waking up to breakfast in bed in your mid-century modern bedroom! Can you find us a more aesthetic combination than a beautiful mid-century bed against a white and beige Pinterest worthy wall decor?

We cannot get enough of the mid-century modern decor style and if your Instagram ‘saves’ are any indication, you cannot either! So, stop staring googly-eyed at the Architectural Digest and start working on creating the bedroom of your dreams!

Your bedroom is your personal oasis, where you unwind after a long day at work. While it serves many purposes, one of the most important aspects is the relaxing effect it has on you. By designing your dream bedroom, that combines functionality and modern aesthetics, you can craft the ultimate cosy space for yourself.

If you want a magazine-worthy modern bedroom but are currently drowning in bedroom design ideas, we can help you create a strategic game plan. We have put together a list of cute home decor ideas for your bedroom that will turn up the mid-century vibes in your home.

Hold On, What Is Mid-Century Modern Decor?

You are currently obsessed with the mid-century modern vibe, you have heard of it and seen it all over the internet but, do you know what it actually means? Don’t hide your face, it’s okay if you want this vibe without fully understanding what it is. However, it might be nice to know a little more about its origin, so you can flaunt your architectural knowledge to your guests.

The term mid-century modern is a mix of a little bit of everything. It’s fashion, architecture, graphic design, furniture and yes, also an aesthetic! It comes from the mid 20th century and usually has a vintage connotation attached to it.

During the Industrial Revolution, a modernist movement took root in Europe that spread across the entire world. It had a huge impact on art and architecture in particular. The mid-century modernist movement is an offshoot of this movement, which manifested particularly in design and architecture.

If you are interested to know when the word was first used in a mainstream home decor industry, it was in 1984. Author Cara Greenberg used the phrase in the title of her book, ‘Mid Century Modern: Furniture of the 1950s’. That trend hit home and ever since, more and more interior designers have received requests for a mid-century modern vibe from their clients.

Alright, history lesson over! Let’s get down to the fun stuff and check out what you can do to make your bedroom the modern mid-century bedroom of your dreams.

Mid-Century Bed For The Mid-Century Soul

An absolute no-brainer here, your actual bed sets the tone for the rest of your bedroom, especially if there is a specific vibe you are trying to channel. Understandably then, a mid-century bedroom with modern decor requires a bed that fits that brief.

Now there are a lot of beds on the market and it could be a little dizzying to figure out which one matches your vibe. So, here’s a quick checklist of things to look for in a mid-century bed for your modern bedroom.

  • Wooden bed frame – This one is absolutely non-negotiable since wood is a must-have material in a mid-century interior decoration for the bedroom. It creates the whole modern, cottagecore vibe that you are after.

  • Tapered legs – The design memo for a modern bedroom is S.L.E.E.K and nothing spells it more than the tapered legs of your bed frame. It’s both modern and retro at the same time and would help manifest your mid-century dreams into a reality
  • Tufted Headboard – How are you going to gently recline against your bed’s headboard and binge your favourite series if it isn’t comfortable enough? A tufted headboard on your bedframe is every serial binger’s dream and makes for the perfect mid-century vibe. This design feature is however not a requisite, but more an extra addition.

Did You Get Your Mid-Century Modern Nightstand Yet?

When you are turning the pages of a delightful book but also dozing off, what do you do? You gently place the book on your nightstand and resolve to finish it the day after. Or when you are texting under your cosy covers and don’t want to leave your bed to charge your mobile, you simply charge it on the nightstand next to your bed.

A nightstand is an extremely important piece of furniture to have in your bedroom. You will thank us when you are dropping anything and everything useful on your nightstand in the hopes of finding it when you need it.

From a simple interior design for the bedroom to the most elaborate styles, a nightstand is a consistent feature in all interior design ideas for the bedroom. Now, a mid-century modern nightstand is not hard to find, but balancing it with the rest of your decor is the tricky part.

If you are going for a beige and white dream vibe, which is a classic combo for mid-century modern decor, then a wooden nightstand is the way to go. You can add some extra flair to the nightstand by adding a vintage lamp or flower vase to make it cute.

When you are planning your mid-century room interior design, bedroom furniture choices should be influenced by the traditional stylistic elements of the period.

Modern Dresser, So You Can Dress For Success

In the words of Marie Kondo, “imagine yourself living in a space that contains only things that spark joy. Isn’t this the lifestyle you dream of?” When you wake up in the morning and choose an outfit for the rest of the day, wouldn’t you like to look your best self?

So, how can you keep a boring old dresser that does not inspire any creativity or spark any joy? Bestie, it’s time to say goodbye to that grandpa dresser in the corner of your room. It has served you well but your mid-century dream bedroom has no space for a drab piece.

If you have too many clothes and not enough space, don’t opt for a small dresser that can’t contain your ever-expanding wardrobe. Go big or go home (with all the extra clothes that you couldn’t fit). Bring home a dresser that embodies the mid-century modern vibe but is also functional enough to let you store all of your stuff.

Alternatively, if you have another big wardrobe in the room and just need a small dresser more for the aesthetic than the space, pick something dainty! An added tip for mid-century home decor; bedroom furniture choice can also have a mix of neutral and colourful pieces.

You also go for mid-century modern cabinets or entertainment units.

All Play And No Work Makes Jack A Dull Boy Too!

In your excitement to put together a fun and spirited mid-century bedroom, don’t forget that you have to create a work corner for yourself. A study or work table is essential in your bedroom, especially if you are planning to work from home just like most of the people.

Picking out this piece of furniture is a little more tricky than the others we have talked about so far. That is because your work corner not only has to match the mid-century decor vibe but also be ergonomic. You want a space that inspires productivity and is also comfortable to work in for long hours.

If you already have an ergonomic chair, that’s 50% of the job done. Now, let’s talk about this bedroom design with a study table. Ideally, you should place your table close to the window so you can get plenty of natural light and fresh air while studying or working.

When it comes to picking the actual table, go for a warm wooden colour. Wooden tables are easy to maintain. Trust us, you will appreciate this after spilling your 3rd cup of coffee in a day, on the table. Wood is also the poster child for mid-century modern decor and will fit the rest of the room’s vibe quite well.

Don’t forget to add a little character to the study table. An eclectic mix of plants, books, cute accessories and photo frames can make the space truly feel like it’s yours. It’s always nice to take a break from studying simply to name and rename your house plants for the 50th time (okay, maybe don’t do that).


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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, What Is The Most Mid-Century Of All?

When you are planning out a mid-century makeover for your master bedroom, interior design choices for the same need to integrate typical stylistic elements of the period. What’s more mid-century than a beautiful mirror with golden accents?

Imagine waking up in your mid-century bedroom and spotting a beautiful mirror with golden accents, resting against a warm, wooden wall. Honestly, that’s a pretty fantastic way of waking up if you ask us!


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Mirrors play a crucial role when setting the style standards of a room and the choices you make will demand serious consideration. An industrial-chic vibe for a mirror can ruin the mid-century modern vibe that you are aiming for, so you have to pay attention to the style and design features.

The emerging trend in master bedroom interior design, especially wall mirror designs for bedrooms, is to go for mirrors with unique frames. This could be a mirror in a unique shape, colour or frame, that has a vintage effect but also embodies modern decor in its sharp and clean geometry.

In terms of placement, make sure you place your mirror opposite to an open window, so it can reflect the natural light all around your room. A sunkissed interior would make for the perfect golden hour house selfies on your gram worth mid-century bedroom.

Accents And Accessories To Complement The Mid-Century Dream

While you are endlessly doom scrolling on your Instagram and marvelling at the beautiful mid-century modern home decor ideas, bedroom version, what stands out most? Of course the colour scheme, the furniture and the arrangement of the room are all important aspects, but it’s the little details that make up the bigger picture.

When planning interior decoration for a bedroom, most people focus on the bigger picture but not on the little accents and accessories that add character to the bedroom. These include showpieces, house plants, wall hangings and other such decor accents that bring the bedroom to life.

For a mid-century vibe, in particular, we highly recommend being particularly attentive to your choices in accents and detailing. Pick out your favourite modern art pieces to hang on your wall. Choose a few unique showpieces for your shelves or better, design the shelves as a showpiece itself.

There is absolutely no limit to your creativity so let those juices flow. Don’t be afraid to make a mess. Be bold, let the ideas flow and don’t forget, this bedroom is for you, so reflect your true self in your bedroom decor.

Besides wall design and display art, also consider integrating a mid-century vibe by hanging up some interesting pieces of decor. This could be a modern chandelier, a unique lighting fixture, or even a vintage-looking windchime for the added pizzaz.


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Some Wood and Some Green, That’s All That You Need

Mid-century home decor, bedroom edition, is drawing to a close now. But hold on, there is one last decor tip that we absolutely had to share with you! If you are finding this design list a little overwhelming, you can just focus on the basics and the rest can be built up as you progress.

A mid-century vibe is incomplete without some warm wooden accents. Using plenty of this natural material, along with other natural materials like jute and earthen pieces, can accelerate your mid-century modern decor mission. If you don’t already have wooden floorboards, make sure you pencil down the design choice in a major renovation plan for your bedroom.

We have already gone over ideas on what kinds of wooden furniture you can integrate into your room, but there is plenty of scope to innovate. A wooden partition, makeshift hanger, wooden showpieces or simply adding wooden shelves can transform the look of your place.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s move on to the next element. Think back on every mid century modern decor inspiration you have scrolled past in recent days. What’s the one thing all the influencers cannot get enough of, when showing off their whimsical rooms? Houseplants!

This is a very millennial and GenZ trend that has created ripples in the interior design industry. Even those who haven’t been able to keep a houseplant alive for more than a week, have consistently brought home new ones to complete their decor.

Houseplants add a fresh and lively vibe to your bedroom’s design and they are a staple for mid-century modern decor in particular. You could have potted plants, big or small or both, hanging plants, creepers and so much more. There is endless scope to innovate how you want to showcase your plant collection.

Planning out your bedroom masterpiece is stressful but also super exciting. You scroll through Pinterest for endless hours, spend a hefty amount of time in vintage stores and read every architectural digest issue ever. Designing an intimate space for yourself is truly a labour of love and you want it to look and feel like home, but also like it belongs in Vogue!

We understand this urge and we hope that our list helped you curate the ideal mid-century modern decor for your bedroom. We gave you the basics and now it is up to you, how you build on our ideas and create your dream bedroom (of course we’ll be here to help you).

If you want more design ideas and want a readymade product catalogue of mid-century modern decor pieces, head over to the Pepperfry website. We have an extensive catalogue of furniture pieces and accents that fit the mid-century theme spot on. Happy browsing and we hope you can bring the bedroom of your dream to life!

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7 Mid-Century Modern Décor & Style Ideas to Spruce Up Your Bedroom