Collectors (not to be confused with hoarders) have a predicament in life. One of showcasing their wares, artfully. After all, what’s the point of collecting if you don’t display it, right? A lot of time, money and effort goes into curating treasures. Remember those trips to the Chor Bazaar and endless haggling, training the eye at flea markets abroad and fretting over excess baggage? We know the pain. So we put together a few nifty ways to show off your collections.


Hang it

If you have collectibles that can be put into frames or boxed in shadow cases, there’s nothing like it. Not only does it make your collection look well put together, you also save it from dust. If your collection is not frame friendly, you could hang it on hooks. Say you have a set of masks painstakingly collected from all over the worlds, create a mask gallery and hang it all up on a statement wall.


Stack it

If you have collections that are of the stackable variety, say a set of hard covers or first editions of your favourite childhood books, stack it! Do it either vertically or horizontally, pepper it with trinkets and make your stack a talking point. If you have a large enough collection you could also stack it in a colour-coded fashion. Makes for great shelfies!


Cluster it

Another décor trend that’s been very popular of late is clustering. Earmark sections of your home to display your collections and mix it up. Team up a coffee table book with a vintage tin, add a unique shell, a scented candle and bring it all together by displaying it on a platter or a decorative tray. If you’re displaying tiny curios, you could round it up by adding a cloche to it.


Sprinkle it

Have collectibles that are too tiny to create an impact on their own? Use these as finishing touches to your décor. Maybe on your coffee table, end tables, console tables by the entryway or even as books ends?


Build a story around it

If you have numerous collections of different shares and sizes, channel your inner decorator and narrate a beautiful vignette with your treasures. Start by using your biggest (also best) collectible as a centrepiece, and layer smaller but similar items around it. So for example, if you have a vintage globe as your centrepiece, add travel souvenirs around it to group it together and narrate a personal travelogue to your guests.


Inspired, much? We have some products to help you be the proud collector as well.

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