While poets and writers have romanticised about the monsoon since time immemorial, we all know that the rains bring along the gloom, where we’re battling grey skies, dull rooms and musty smells. Here is how you can enliven your home this season.

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On the walls: Instantly uplift the interior of your home and do away with the gloom by painting your walls in bright shades of yellow, turquoise or lavender blue. One can also opt for wallpapers as a cheaper option with intricate patterns in bright colours and rich finishes. Embellish your walls with pastel coloured wall hangings and bright abstract paintings.

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Lights galore: Pendant and accent lights are the ideal ornaments to glam up any abode. Especially during the grey overcast of the monsoon, lighting is a key ingredient in creating a comfortable and welcoming environment at home. Lamps that comprise striking motifs, sophisticated designs and upbeat colours are sure to fetch you compliments. If you’re looking for a trendy overhaul that’s contemporary yet different, think rose-gold accents and balance it with sombre tones in the backdrop.

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Cosy up: After a bustling day out in the rain, all you want to do is curl up at your abode with your favourite book. Adorn your haven with pop coloured cushions. Swap your greys, blues and dark hues for bright shades of tangerine, citrus, turquoise and pinks. Changing your cushion covers is the easiest way to keep your decor fresh and preppy. Doormats are monsoon hygiene essential, opt for doormats made from jute, coir or recycled rubber with funky letters or quirky prints to introduce a dash of quirkiness to your entryway. Add scented candles to lend a mysterious appeal to a space while also doing away with the funky odour and adding your favourite fragrance to it.

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Accessorise/Curio-sly yours: To add a whimsical note to your home, hang wind chimes by the window and let the soothing sound of monsoon winds against the chimes elate you to a relaxed state of mind. Add funky wall accents, vibrant vases in hues of yellow and pink alongside quirky figurines to further enhance the set-up.

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The outdoors: One simple way to truly enjoy the monsoon showers is by sitting in the safe refuge of your home on a chic swing. Be it your garden, a patio, or by the pool, modish swings will set the mood right. Comfortable chairs and eclectic tables made from water resistant materials such as wicker or rattan are ideal to sip your morning cuppa as you bask in the light showers.

So as the downpour continues, shower your abode with a splendid makeover comprising a splash of colours and a hint of chic.


This article was originally written by in-house interior expert – Arshi Mukri and published here.
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