The Oracle Speaks: Top 10 Trends That Will Shape Our Homes In 2018.

Looking to the year ahead, we turned to the best names in the décor industry to find out what they see for the future of design. The design gurus looked into their crystal balls to predict what will be big in the design world in 2018.

  1. Play of textures


    Ritu Beri, Fashion Designer

    Imperfect finishes, uncomplicated design paired with interesting textures from new materials created from waste and by-product underpins today’s movement. Comprising of soft warm shades of leather, putty and cooler green-greys, these colours are calming and nurturing with stronger highlights of blues and terracotta.

  2. Go natural


    Mandeep Nagi, Design Director, Shades of India

     “I think the trend is moving towards natural fabrics. According to me, luxury is in leisure and what you feel. When you talk about home, the fabric should be soft and hand-made. In India we have lot of tribal craft and when used in contemporary context – to me this too is luxury with kind of effort and work each piece is made. In terms of colour, neutrals are always there to stay but bright fuchsia, bright orange, hot pink and burnt orange, will surely rule the palette.

  3. Minimalism is always in


    Geetanjali Anand, Director, Andy Home

    Clean and straight line with a less is more look is the trend I foresee for 2018. Keep it simple and fresh with whites, greys, pastels, black steel or subtle brass embellishments on furniture, modern rugs and chic accessories and vibrant art. Tartan check fabrics, wall papers, less furniture but signature pieces, use of vibrant but subtle colours, art, old world accessories, stamp and coin collections and other memorabilia to create an inspiring look.”

  4. Design in transition


    Shantanu Garg, Interior Designer

    A rendition of transitional themes is carving a niche path in the design evolution with a burgeoning demand to doll out projects that seamlessly blend modern elements with the traditional aesthetics. This new concept germinates from the unique quality of bringing together two contrasting forms of design i.e. contemporary and conventional in a unique homogenous setting. The process involves extracting inspirations to create abstract designs by giving them a twist to develop an individual style. It is defined as natural and uncomplicated with relaxed clean lines. The colour palette is characteristically neutral and subtle with colour in accents. Transitional styles are more adaptive to its surroundings. In essence, this particular look can be attained by combining finishes and details of both these distinct styles of design and architecture. While traditional and modern schemes may have their individual characteristics that define them, transitional themes strike the perfect balance between the two. Thus creating attributes of an uncomplicated design. A perfect example of blended interiors would be an assortment of art and customised elements placed all around nested in a modern space giving the entire theme of transitional interiors.

  5. Layering makes a comeback


    Anuja Gupta, Creative Director, Apartment 9

    According to me the trends for 2018 in design and decor are going more saturated. It is very colour on colour and design on design; it is not simple any more. It could be like putting print on print and making the design look busy. In terms of colour it would be deep jewel tones like emerald green, wine red, deep ochre, jewel blue. In terms of fabric, it would be lot of velvets and rich thick fabrics.

  6. Green is still in green-cover-900
    Gautam Seth and Prateek Jain, Klove

    There will be lot of fun and excitement happening in terms of elements being used and also experimentation with styling. People will be much more open to experiment with periods rather than restricting to one particular format. In terms of colours — lot of blacks, gold, greys and olives will continue to trend and brass too would be a popular element to be used in decor. Connecting with nature, we see lot of greenery to be a part of aesthetics – could be in way of terrariums or landscaping. Another interesting trend would be of moving towards more artistic things and lighting sculpture elements.”

  7. Mix and Match


    Gautam Dhawan, Interior Space Consultant, Exhibit D

    I think the biggest trend will be a mix of modern and classic. This done in a chic way does really work. And, use of some classic forms like curves, rugs and artefacts. The totally contemporary modern look is on its way out slowly. Colour wise I think the biggest trend will be blue, green and burgundy, these are classic colours and used in the right shades can look very effective. Wall 3D art is another trend set to grow as people are looking for new forms and materials to decorate walls.”

  8. Shades of blue


    Pierfrancesco Arnone, Senior Interior Designer, Studio Creo

    According to me, colour wise there will be vibrant green shades and shades of blue that are more and more firm and bold, combined with gray tones that emphasise the other colours. The colours of the furnishings in a certain way also follow the colours of fashion, although they are then mixed with new colours.  2018 will see the use of octane blue, purple and purple in different declinations to reach a warm rose.” 

  9. Nordic accents


    Nida Mahmood, Fashion Designer

    According to me, lighter shades of Cerulean Blue are in the forecast. Nordic with a bit of shaggy chic interspersed with metallic detailing. It is a very modern yet going back to your roots and bringing in that freshness of something that is yet to be anticipated. The trend would be of mixing shapes, diverse elements and diverse looks which will come together to create a look. For instance – A Scandinavian chair, which is chic and clean with correct balance of smoothness as well as angles, is interspersed with an ornate embellished vintage chair from South India. 

  10. An evolved colour palette


    Raseel Gujral-Ansal, Creative Director, Casa Pop

    I think we are sitting on the cusp of a new era of design where everything is coming together to one principle and we all are going to speak a very universal language. As a home has a stronger commitment than fashion does, I feel the trend is set to bring together a conscious interpretation of personality, colour and individuality in decor and design. I have always used different evolution of the same element. For instance – I tend to use animals, nature and graphic colour blocking. A powerful palette to my mind is looking at colours with a fresh eye. With myriad of colours choices present universally, I foresee a more sophisticated colour palette trending next year.



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The Oracle Speaks: Top 10 Trends That Will Shape Our Homes In 2018.