Bean bags give you one more reason to simply sprawl and do nothing else. Well, not quite. Bean bags have actually become so popular to the extent that they are often the only furniture in many a room.  A funky multi-printed bean bag placed casually in a corner spruces up the room considerably.


If you thought there were no shape variations, think again. This bright red bean bag shaped like a lounge chair comes with hand rest, a remote holder and bottle holder at the sides. Hours spent on this comfortable piece of cushion simplify life like never before.


Love a good game of baseball? So the next time you are catching up on Major League Baseball on television, this baseball gloves-shaped bean bag should add to the excitement and fervour. A bowl of popcorn and a tumbler of cool, fizzy drink – you have a match winning combination in hand.


Go natural with these natural fabric bean bags. Dump them in any corner of the room and laze for hours at an end. Available in earthy colours, these bean bags resemble a settee.


Move over the regular looking bean bag. Welcome the bean bag chair, a stylish and trendy piece of furniture you’d love to own and show off. The triangular look of the bean bag is a welcome diversion from the usual, shapeless form.

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