If you are looking for a colour that’s relaxing and exciting at the same time, think pink. As it finds easy entry into modern day homes, here’s a sitting room with a soothing pink wall and wall art in complementing colours. A matching pink vase and fuchsia pink sofa are icing on the cake.

Image via www.img.more-explore.com
Image via www.img.more-explore.com

Do you need a reason to celebrate femininity? Go crazy with the pinks and let the comfy lounging zone be your reflection. The pink striped upholstery for the sofa and ottoman along with the bright pink curtains and dual tone wall spell of grandeur and feminine charm.

It’s hard to deny the feel-good emotion pink evokes. This washroom, complete with pink walls, contrast tiles around the bath tub, a pink glass wash basin and bright pink tulips bring out the die-hard romantic in you.

Look beyond the regular colours on the palate and choose a shade of bright pink to bring back zing to your room. The inimitable charm of this royal pink wallpaper, plush sofa, lamp shade, vase and ornamental wall mirror gives the room a stimulating affect.

No, you don’t really need to paint the town pink. A bright pink and grey rug can sometimes speak volumes. Place this on a wooden flooring to let the colours complement each other.

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An Ode to Pink