We could start by writing the numerous reasons about what makes India incredible, but as they say, some things are better felt than said. As we entered the 75th year of Independence this August, we’re celebrating the freedom and grit of the Indian spirit with our range of Swadeshi furniture.

Our artisans pay homage to traditional Indian culture and design through their craft. Passed from generations to generations, some of these art forms are thousands of years old. Let us take you on a journey of heritage with Mudramark – A brand of Ethnic Indian Furniture that embodies the warmth of our traditions, colors of our diversity, souvenirs of our history and tales of past.

The Mudramark range has some intricate furniture collections. Each piece promises unparalleled craftsmanship and a 36-year warranty.

Siramika Collection

This collection is inspired by Majolica, a style of painted pottery that originated in the 9th century in the Middle East. The Siramika collection frames Majolica’s radiant colors and details in a modern style.

Sheesham wood’s solidity and sturdiness blend with the vibrantly painted tiles to create statement pieces with an aesthetic closer to home. Bring home this quaint bookcase or the utilitarian foldable dining table for your traditionalist heart that still loves a pop of color.

Kalki Collection

If you prefer classic designs and silhouettes from days gone by, the Kalki Collection is the perfect fit for you. Each piece from this collection is crafted with a combination of solid wood and cane. Add a royal charm to your home with these classic and evergreen designs.

Krisa Collection

The Krisa collection’s specialty is its signature fretwork, perfected by Mudramark with brass pins. Your home decor will look polished with the premium hardwood finish. However, it is the craftsmanship of the criss-cross jaali work, so deeply connected to Indian culture, that imbues each piece with that beautiful traditional touch.

Aramika Collection

The name ‘Aramika’ pays homage to the vast traditional history of Indian culture. This range of premium handcrafted furniture has integrated traditional and classic Indian motifs into its pieces. The provincial teak and honey oak finish, typical of this range, will add a touch of class, culture, and ethnic aesthetic to your interiors. If you are an enthusiast of rich detail, you’ve found your match here.

Airavana Collection

This collection finds inspiration in nature. It aptly takes off from Airavata, the white elephant from Indian mythology, through its elephant designs. These designs have always been a typical feature of Indian artisanal products, adopted even by iconic brands like Sabyasachi. Mudramark’s Airavana collection reimagines the classic elephant symbol in its wooden carvings. Besides the rich provincial teak and honey oak finish on Sheesham, the elegant elephant carvings are what sets this collection apart.

Pepperfry Mudramark also offers several other collections within its range, each with its distinct style. Celebrate the traditionalist in you and support India’s local artisans by bringing home these gorgeous, timeless pieces.

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