Hosting A Dinner Party? Wow Your Guests With These Glamorous Kitchenware

Glamorous kitchenware will add that special touch to your next dinner party

So, you like hosting parties eh? You like having people over and you like it even more when they swoon over your food, the décor and basically every little aspect of your cooking and home?

Excellent, cause this article is meant for you.

We think that hosting guests is a special art. It does not matter whether you are planning an extravagant Sunday lunch or serving tasty meals in minutes to last minute visitants, or even developing a glamorous dinner party for your anniversary. Honestly, any event which revolves around food and people needs 2 important things; detailed planning (what to serve, décor etc.) and Glamorous Kitchenwear.

Yes, glamorous kitchenwear is important for any party because it adds that element and style and class and makes your guests take notice of your personal as well. That’s why we have compiled a list of pieces that you must have for your next get together.

Steelcraft Stainless Steel 7 pcs Bar Set

A Fantastic Bar Set

The next time you will be mixing drinks at a gathering, leave aside the regular boring glasses and opt for the Steelcraft Stainless Steel 7 Pcs Bar Set. Stylish, contemporary and fun, it will make your guests appreciate your taste as well and not just your drinks.

Price: Rs. 2,495.

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Awkenox 16 Pc Handcrafted Cutlery Set In Hardboard Box

Chic Cutlery Set

There can be nothing new or fancy about cutler, right? Wrong! Tableware can be as fancy as you want it like this 16pc Handcrafted Cutlery Set. Stylish as hell, this set is meant for the very special occasion like a birthday or anniversary gathering simply because it’s so damn beautiful to look at. Agree?

Price: Rs. 10,999

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Steelcraft Double Wall Soup Bowls Set of 4 – Medium

Soup Bowls

At home, soup-eating is usually a casual affair, with no special rules or etiquette. But when it comes to a party its best to bring out something unique; like the Steelcraft Double Wall Soup Bowls. Ideal for serving hot soup easily, it’s a nice change from the conventional ceramic bowl.

Price: Rs.1, 145

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Ravenn Rectangle Tray with Leather Handle

Items With Interesting Details

Last but not the least, it’s always best to pick up items with some interesting details which set it apart. Like this Ravenn Rectangle Tray with Leather Handle. This tray in Stainless Steel with a unique leather handle in gloss finish is ideal for a casual or a formal get together. Let us know how many compliments you get!

Price: Rs.567

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Hosting A Dinner Party? Wow Your Guests With These Glamorous Kitchenware