How To Amp Up Your Dining Room For Diwali

Diwali is right around the corner, and everybody is busy decorating their house to celebrate the festivities. It’s the time when people turn into hosts and the dining area is always bustling with activities & delicious spreads.

So, if you want a makeover for your dining room to host some memorable Diwali dinners, here are a few tips from us!

New Dining Furniture That Dazzles

Dining furniture is a super important element of the dining room that sets the tone for the rest of the design. If your dining furniture is old or you simply wish to expand its capacity, we highly recommend new dining furniture that has an elegant design and oozes style. Wooden furniture is always a classic choice and a set with a vintage finish like this could add the old-world charm to your dining room.

Beautiful Bar Furniture For Diwali Parties

Diwali is the time for merry-making over a game of cards and lots of snacks. It’s also the time when people fish out their most expensive liquor collections for fun house parties with friends and loved ones. If you want to showcase your liquor collection but with panache, get your hands on some quirky and cool bar furniture. Check out bar cabinets in traditional designs from the Mudramark collection and display the fine craftsmanship in your dining room.

Table Decor To Add A Touch Of Glamour

An empty dining table without any decor items looks a little mundane, and there is no room for that on a festival like Diwali. Go all out with the table decor and let your dining room embody the joy of this festival. There are various decor items like vases, fruit bowls and even potted plants that you can place on your dining table. These terracotta table vases in bright red can be the perfect Diwali decor for your dining table.

Light Up Your Room For The Ideal Diwali Vibe

You already have lights in your dining room but are they appropriate for the festivities? A new lighting fixture or some complementary lights can make a whole lot of difference. From string lights to candles, new ceiling lights to antique hanging lights, the options are endless. Based on the space and your taste, hang up some festive lights in your dining room and watch how it changes the entire look of the space.

Those were a few of our recommendations on how you can jazz up your dining room in time for Diwali. We also recommend taking a look at the variety of tableware items available on our website. So, start planning your dining room makeover and get it all prepped for the festivities!

Interview- Ashish Shah, Co-founder & COO, Pepperfry
How To Amp Up Your Dining Room For Diwali