Your living room is at the heart of your home. It’s the first space you walk into as soon as you enter your house, so naturally, you’d want your living room to be aesthetic, inviting, comfortable and homely. There’s a lot we can do with a small area and make it look larger than life. It’s all about layout, interior designing, choosing the right furniture type and voila! You’re well on your way to designing a living room fit for your needs.

Decorating a small space is never easy and needs a certain amount of skill to aesthetically decorate a small space. Out of ideas for decorating your small living room? Well, don’t worry because we’ll be telling you exactly what to do and how to do it. Here are some amazing small living room ideas curated to fit all your needs.

Snuggle up!
One of the best things you can do with a small space is double down on its smallness. Choose small and intimate seating arrangements. This gives a feeling of warmth, intimacy and love, which is a great vibe to have in your home’s main room.

For instance, when thinking about the sofa design for a small living room, consider replacing the sofa with a sofa in neutral colours that can work as the main couch.

Mirror on the Wall
Making the use of mirrors to make the room feel more airy and spacious is a smart decision. Full-length ceiling to floor mirrors are a great addition to your small living room space as they create the illusion of a larger space by reflecting opposing walls and furniture.

Transition Into A Separate Area
Living room decorating doesn’t have to be confined just to the living room. A great way to open up a confined living space is by allowing it to flow into different areas.

For small apartment living room ideas, you can think about setting up your living area in a way that opens up to an adjoining balcony or a wide corridor leading up to another room. You can create a serving area that connects to the kitchen, sliding glass doors leading to a balcony, and an open space leading to your dining table are all good ways to expand the living space.

Use Carpets and Dhurries of Different Colours to Segment the Floor
Playing around with your floor accessories can help you create a foundational layout for your small living room ideas. A living room may contain a sitting and relaxing area with a centre table in between, along with a coffee table and chair set on the side for your morning newspaper and evening chit chat. You can differentiate the two areas by using rugs and dhurries, thus adding depth and variety to your living room design.

Choose Furniture That Takes up Minimal Space
You should never feel the need to compromise on the types of furniture you want to add to your living room decor. Just because it’s smaller in size, it does not mean that it can’t have a beautiful bookshelf, an aestheti vase, or gorgeou flower pots.

All you need to do is make sure you’re choosing these accessory furniture pieces in a way that does not clutter up the space and make things congested. A great idea for storage furniture would be floating wall shelves or a ladder shelf that takes up negligible floor space. They’re stylish and provide great value, making them a must-have in your small living room ideas list.

Opt for Multi-Purpose Furniture
What better way to save space and derive maximum value than by using furniture that serves more than one purpose. Multi-purpose furniture sets allow you to do more with less and provide tremendous value to a small living room with limitations on the numbers aspect.

There are a lot of cool and innovative furniture sets out there that have pieces that can fit into each other, like cube chairs that fit right under a coffee table. If you’re considering small living room ideas with TV, you can definitely use a multi-purpose TV desk.

Make Clever Use of Lighting
Natural lighting is your best friend. Your small living room ideas can use some massive outside help, and we mean that in the most literal sense.

Make use of big window sills and make sure not to clutter those areas. Let as much natural light enter the room as possible. Once that is taken care of, you can play around with different kinds of lights at varying heights. You may even use more than 2 or 3 sources of lighting to fill up the room.

A hanging ceiling light placed in the middle can be the centre of attraction, while floor lamps placed cleverly next to sofas and tables can work wonders!

Like always, bonus points if even your lamp has more than one function. Multi-functionality is always the right way to go!

Go for Light Colours
Light colours allow you to make your small living room seem more spacious and airy. Darker shades of colour work very well when it comes to giving contrast, but in a tight space, it may end up making the area look smaller and congested.

soft greens coffee table with sitting

Colour tones can set the mood of the house and the house owner. It would be smarter to go for tones like an off-white TV console with storage, a light grey sofa, and coffee table with sitting while staying away from dark colours at the same time. These tones provide a feeling of cosiness and warmth and make you feel fresh and positive.

Summing Up
As some parting words of wisdom, make sure your small living room ideas are minimalistic and sensible. Prefer furniture with legs and storage furniture with little to no footprint. Make use of all the architectural angles and fill them up with tiny pieces of furniture that serve more than one purpose. While going for variety is always a good thing, make sure not to overdo it and congest your area to a point where it becomes difficult to move around. Aesthetics are great, but utility takes priority.

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