A meditation room is a great idea if you wish to create to a private space for calming your mind.

Thanks to your super hectic schedules and stressful lives, many of us are choosing the path of meditation to calm our minds. Besides the fact that it’s soothing to a chaotic mind, meditation provides the ability to focus better which in turn offers a long list of emotional and physical benefits.

So, since meditation provides so many benefits, why not create a specific room to practice this ancient Eastern practice?

Interested in the idea? Then continue reading.

To decorate your meditation room, you can add items like this Home Sparkle Buddha Blessing statue.

The ideal meditation room should like your state of mind while you are meditating – simple clear and calm.  This room is intended to be a holy space to ground yourself and to silence all that inner conversations that controls you all day. It should be space that is quiet in its nature and thus, helps you quieten your mind as well.

But before you proceed, consider the following factors. How and where you will meditate plays key role. Do you desire to sit in a chair or on a pillow on the floor? Or do you prefer to kneel? No matter what your preference is, make sure you have a cozy area to do it in.

If you wish you meditate on the floor, ensure that you have comfortable cushions or a floor mat to support your posture. If you wish to sit or kneel during practice, make sure you use the right kind of chair or bench.

Always keep your meditation room simple, clutter free and soothing.

Another common feature in a meditation room is the center table or the alter. The alter consists of items which helps you to meditate such as photos of your guru, candles, CD player, incense stands etc. This table offers a pivotal point to help keep you centered so you can stay on track.

Next step is decoration. Decorating the meditation room can be fun but don’t go overboard with décor items. The idea is to surround yourself with items which are meaningful and will help your mind to relax. Keep the meditation room simple instead of making it grand or lavish.

Paint the meditation room with a soothing color such as blue or light green. Avoid loud and stimulating colours such as red or orange as it might aggravate your mind.

Last but not the least; candles are great option as they elevate the mood of the room. You can also add photos, small statues or artifacts of supreme authority. Anything which induces a positive and grounded feeling is good. Also, adding a dream board might be a good choice; it’s a large poster filled with images that reminds you about your goals, dreams and desires. The belief goes that if you meditate upon your goals, you will attain them sooner.

Happy decorating!

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