With a lot of textures, patterns and colors available, carpets have emerged as the focusing point in interior designs.

The color and texture of your carpet shows distinctive styling and fashion appeal. With so many different colors, materials and designs available, it becomes really difficult to choose the best carpet for your home. Carpet comes in various styles and names. Some of the most popular styles of carpets are:

  • Plush Carpets
  • Textured Carpets
  • Frieze Carpets
  • Saxony Carpets
  • Multi Color Carpets

Plush Carpets: The kind of yarn fiber used in this type of carpets gives it velour like appearance. These carpets are usually constructed with fibers that are sheared at a uniform level and tightly twisted in the same direction.

The velvety and high sheen surface makes it look formal and luxurious. They can be avail in a widest range of colors made of polyester, nylon or combination of polyester and nylon. These carpets are so soft that they do tend to show footprints. These types of carpets are best to use in low-traffic areas of home such as bedrooms and living rooms.

Textures Carpets: Textured carpets are made with tightly twisted yarns placed with different orientation angles provide a more casual look than plush carpet. They are usually made by running the yarn through a steam container known as a stuffer-box. This kind of carpets usually has two-tone appearance because of twists in yarn direction. This carpet is best for small degree of foot traffic area.

Frieze Carpets: This type of carpet is composed of heat-set fibers in tightly twisted, bent yarns and offers a unique crimped appearance. These kinds of carpets are extremely durable and provide a casual, modern look to a home. These carpets are most suitable for homes with high traffic areas.

Saxony carpet: These carpets are generally made when two or more carpet threads are twisted together and set with heat to produce small clump. Each of these clumps is separately noticeable on the carpet surface. Although, these carpets give a thick, formal look to the floors, they do tend to show footprints and vacuum cleaner marks easily. The good thing about this type of carpets is that it can appear to change shades when clumps are brushed in opposite directions.

Multi Color Carpets: As the name suggests, these carpets are made with the combination of several colors or tones. This carpet looks good and provides a unique and casual look to your home. These are available in a wide range of designs ranging from very subtle color variations such as solid color, darker color to bold color variations. These carpets can block out traffic wear and hide dirt and needs less carpet cleaning supplies. It is best suitable for children’s rooms.


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