Just the Colours You Need for a Perfect Night’s Sleep

Your bedroom is your personal space in your house. It’s the room you’re going to spend most of your time in, and the majority of that time will be used up for sleeping. The bedroom is the ultimate abode of relaxation. It’s the place you go to when you’re done with all the rush and hubbub of the chaos in your life and can finally lay your body down on your nice and comfy bed, dim the lights, close your eyes and lose yourself in deep slumber.

But what if someone told you that there is a possibility that you’re ruining your chances for your well-deserved rest. That’s right! You may be making it difficult for yourself to get a good night’s sleep just by the way you’ve decided to set up your bedroom.

It’s widely accepted that colour is one of the most influential factors in determining the energy that your room radiates, and energy has a lot to do with how you sleep. Your bedroom colour can be the decider between having a good night’s sleep or tossing and turning in your bed until the sun rises.

You want to use calm and soothing bedroom colours that emanate positive and calm energy, which helps you relax and puts your body and mind at ease. Pale and muted shades can help you do that, while bright and bold colours energise you. Understanding which colours do what is very important, so here are some tips and ideas for the best bedroom colours for sleep –

When you think of calmness and serenity, blue is one of the first colours that come to mind. We see blue everywhere around us, the clear skies above us, the endless ocean filling us with feelings of familiarity, security, and comfort.

You can have drapes and curtains of light blue shades or blue bed sheets that go well with yellow pillows or blankets of other light colours.

The colour blue is also linked with trust, stability and dependability. Lighter shades of blue work well when trying to emulate a peaceful and serene scene. It’s definitely at the top of the most calming bedroom colours.

The colour green is strongly associated with all things natural. It’s generally associated with calmness and tranquillity. It’s said that the colour Green can bring peace to both body and mind, which is required for proper relaxation.

When it comes to colour for bedrooms, sticking to muted and pale shades of green is better than going for bright green colours. One effective way of adding hues of green to your bedroom is by using decorative accessories. You can always use money plant in vases and pots to give your room a green aesthetic.

Light Pink
Pink is a tender and soft colour that generates feelings of warmth and safety. There is a certain sweetness to it that distracts you from any unpleasantness that you may feel on some days. If you have a fast-paced, hectic life, then pink is a great colour for you to come home to. Not to mention that they’re amazingly cute and make for the perfect cuddle buddies.

It’s perfectly fine if you don’t want to paint your bedroom walls pink. But walls aren’t the only things that make up your bedroom. You can use pink pillows , cushions , quilt blanket and bedside lamps etc., to add elements of light shaded pink to your bedroom.

White is the symbol of peace and serenity. It’s the lightest among all the colours and is great for sleep. On top of that, white colours look clean and polished, and it goes well with pretty much any other colour, so it doesn’t limit your creativity when it comes to bedroom design.

A good way to add white colours to your bedroom is by using clear white bedsheets and white rug .

Beige is the second most neutral colour next to white. It has a light and plain vibe, making it a popular choice for interior design. It’s very similar to white, representing peace, serenity and warmth.

Like white, beige also has great compatibility with other colours, so you can have full freedom to match it with other light shades of green, white or light pink.

Beige can be a great colour for your walls, drapes and bedding. It’s also a fantastic choice for carpets and floor accessories like doormats .

The colour yellow directly links with happiness, warmth and sunshine. It is a beautiful colour that can help liven up your bedroom and give it a carefree vibe.

But brighter hues of yellow might boost your energy, so you might want to stick to muted shades of yellow since you’re trying to find peaceful bedroom colours. You can add yellow to your bedroom by adding yellow carpet , yellow lamps , yellow bedding  or yellow wall art .

What Colours Should You Avoid?

The biggest no-no for sleep-inducing colours is bright glossy colours that shine a lot.
You’d want to avoid colours like red that promote highly energetic feelings of love, power and aggression. Purple is also very similar to red when it comes to energising feelings. Still, it promotes feelings of creativity and extravagance, which is not something you need when you’re trying to rest. Even Orange is something you want to steer clear of, as it emanates feelings and vibes similar to purple and red.

You should also stay well away from colours like dark brown and black. Darker brown shades may make you feel depressed and isolated, while black may induce feelings of anger, hatred, and other negative feelings. There’s a reason why black is used to denote evil.

Summing Up
To wrap it all up, here are some parting words of wisdom. Choose colours that promote a calm and quiet atmosphere. Light neutral colours with muted shades should be the primary theme. If you desperately want to add elements of black to your bedroom, do it through accessories and small items. Do not use it for large pieces. The colour silver can also be a great choice when choosing neutral colours since it’s not as dark and depressing as grey or black.

Once you’ve picked out your main colour scheme, make sure you complement it well with your preferred bedding style, supporting accessories etc. Do not be afraid to add some variety but again, just make sure you don’t use glossy shades that reflect light.

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