An ideal place in the house for family gathering and all those mini conversations that pull throughout the day is the living room. As the name suggests, the living room brings the liveliness to the house and is considered to showcase the house in a particular way, hence, the designing of the living room requires optimum exposure and attention. The designing of the living room majorly decides whether the house shall display a classy, peppy, modern look or a dull and a boring one. The living room can be decorated in several ways as per individual choice. All one needs to do is to get the basics right and build on the basic skeletal structure. Various styles of living rooms are available to choose from.

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One can go for the formal classic display which usually includes a huge comfy sofa winged with traditional wall lamps on each end and an exotic painting on the center top of the sofa. This arrangement is often paired with basic windows having luscious pastel color curtains with braided corners and trimmed bottoms. Along with this there is an addition of a small tea table with formal long back chairs at the desired corner of the living room with a TV diagonally walled. This entire formal classic display of the living room is ideal for the people, who wish to flaunt their finest collections and achievements to their welcomed guests and loved ones. Also, it makes a great place for business conversations and solitary moments of enjoying a cup of coffee with your favorite novel in peace.

With evolution in mankind the living rooms have evolved as well. It is no more looked at as a place to display possessions but is sighted as a place with higher usage. The décor as transformed into something less formal and asymmetrical. A personal touch to the living room is trending today. The modern arrangement includes a cozy couch with an elegant standing lamp to one of its sides and a rough bean bag on to the other. This arrangement is coupled with an ethnic dining table and a sitting area closer to the television. Huge French windows displaying a desirable view outside and clothed with prime colored fabric adds to the beauty of today. The entire modern display consists of varied use of colors and asymmetrical arrangement with the place equipped with latest “in trend” furniture.

Some people prefer a more casual approach to designing their living room. The casual display has few rules and a practical approach. The furniture, fabric and walls are usually color coordinated. The living room would pride itself an antique crockery cupboard and a computer cum study table. In addition to this shall be the usual sofa, lamps and a television. Casual living rooms on the whole project symmetry in every form.


Irrespective of the kind of house one lives in, the furniture, fabrics, additional accessories and appliances of the living room should be picked by an individual’s personal choice. From bright, lively and colorful to neutral, classy and serene or even a mixture of two; one can make a choice that suits one’s requirement and taste.

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