The Scandinavian/Danish trend (actually, lifestyle) Hygge is literally breaking the Internet and has snuck into every little corner for a few months now. So, we dug deeper to understand why people have this major Hygge obsession. And this is what we found.

Hygge (pronounced “hue-gah” in case you didn’t know) is all about the feeling of ultimate coziness. Oxford dictionary puts it this way – “It’s that quality of comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.” It’s one of those things that’s not very translatable, it’s more of a feeling that needs to be experienced. In a way, Hygge is also a feeling of escapism. It’s about giving yourself a break, creating a safe and cozy sanctuary for yourself, it’s not about the things, it’s more about setting the mood, treating yourself, being grateful, sharing, being comfortable, a feeling of home. And who doesn’t want to feel all those things? No wonder Hygge is staying put in 2018 as well.

Want to get your Hygge on? Here are some ways to do it.


Go minimal.
Less is more. Unclutter your home and invest in quality pieces that will last you a lifetime instead. Make your shopping a thought out, conscious decision. These fuss-free picks from Woodsworth and CasaCraft are just what your home needs.


Surround yourself with positivity.
Create a beautiful, comforting bubble of positive vibes for yourself. Be it soothing pastel walls that lift your mood, wind chimes in the balcony, open airy windows, more house plants, or even a pet – choose your thing and creative a space that makes you happier.


Staying in could be the new going out.
When you love the space you live in, staying in on a Friday night – ordering takeout, binge-watching your fave shows and pouring yourself a glass of wine (even if you’re alone) doesn’t sound too bad at all, does it?


Give yourself time. Light up a couple of candles, make yourself a camomile tea, unplug from the digital world once in a while, watch the world go by, treat yourself, don’t beat yourself about it, appreciate the smaller things in life, smile more, live more.

Happy Hygge-ing To You!

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