Living The Sustainable Life

Sustainability isn’t about living a life without luxuries, it’s about being aware of our resource consumptions and taking necessary steps to reduce waste. It’s easier than you think. And the smallest change can make a big difference. Quick tips to reduce, reuse and recycle are just a Google search away, but the real question is – though we all know this, why don’t we do much about it?

So on the occasion of World Environment Day, we hosted an immersive Green Weekend to start a dialogue about a cause that means a lot to us at Pepperfry.

8 Studios, 7 cities, 6 artists, 9 installations, 6 workshops. 1 celebration –#SustainabilityAtHome. 

Colour connoisseur – Navdeep Kaur, created an evocative eco-print lighting installation and conducted experiential workshops using earth poetry and social dyeing jars, in Bangalore. Origami artist, Roopika Jayaram, gave people the opportunity to soak in innovative installations and miniature furniture models that provoke the ecologically conscious you. The beautiful people of Chennai & Hyderabad got a taste of working with their hands and make an eco-pact. In Delhi & Ahmedabad, we had a young 19-year old visual storyteller – Debangshu Moulik, turning a piece of reclaimed furniture into pièce de résistance! In Pune, we hosted a unique collaborative design and play session that brought together the old and the new, through a mosaic mural by architects turned artists, Veena & Ketaki. And in Mumbai, we hosted an interactive talk by a veteran packaging innovator, Haresh Mehta, who inspired us to recycle packaging waste. We also had ceramic artist – Rekha Goyal in the house, doing a live, collaborative clay installation.

The idea behind the whole experience was to initiate eco-conversation that will make our friends and families, pause and ponder over what we have or have not done to connect with the cause, and take small steps towards living and decorating, sustainably.

See the Green Weekend, through the eyes of bloggers Sheena, Sharon and June.  And catch the greenest moments on our Instagram page.


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Living The Sustainable Life