Turn your home into a contemporary haven in 1 lakh!

Planning to give your home a contemporary makeover? If it needs a breath of life and you are excited to change some things around, we have a design guide that fits your budget!

Below is a list of four incredible furniture pieces that can make your decor look more contemporary. The best part is you can shop this entire list within 1 lakh!

Minimal and Sleek Couch 

When we think of contemporary, we usually think of upholstery or metal. However, here’s a cool spin on that idea. Experiment with wooden furniture that have a contemporary look, and can also add a touch of warmth to your decor. This incredibly sleek couch below represents the perfect amalgamation of contemporary and traditional.

Out of the Box Bar Cabinet

Sure, all your friends have a stylish glass cabinet to flaunt their liquor display, but how many can boast of a bar cabinet as cool as this one? Fish your drinks out of a barrel, literally! This quirky, contemporary bar cabinet can be a show-stopping piece in your home and will surely earn you praise for your offbeat design choices.

Hand-Painted Cabinet 

Contrary to popular opinion, contemporary styles are not just industrial and minimal. They can also be rich in design but have a more subtle and understated overall effect. That is exactly the vibe of this beautiful hand-painted cabinet, stylish and efficient at the same time. It offers incredible storage space with contemporary and elegant colours. The hand-painted effect adds to the overall charm of this piece. 

Quirky Book Shelf

This bookshelf is simply a work of art, and there is no other way of saying it! Sometimes you need to infuse an artistic touch to your furniture choices to truly convey the contemporary vibe. If you are a bibliophile, you will especially love showing off your collection on this unique bookshelf with natural wood finish.


Those were some of the design inspirations we had for your home’s contemporary makeover. However, there is a great variety for you to choose from. Just head over to Pepperfry and browse our extensive catalogue of affordable contemporary furniture. 

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Turn your home into a contemporary haven in 1 lakh!