Tips to Build A Sturdy Outdoor Tree House

Although, building a tree house is a lot like any other construction project, it requires a careful planning and construction.
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A tree house can be a charming hideout, adventurous place or play destination for children and adults who are interested in such projects.

Moreover, the difference between a regular building project and building a tree house is that rather building on a foundation, a tree house leans on a platform.

Below are some of the useful tips that can really be helpful for you in building a tree house that will be a unique and ideal hangout spot:

  • Choose a right tree:In order to build a platform for your tree house, it is very much significant to choose a right kind of tree. The tree must be healthy enough to provide the support that you need for your tree house. If you do not pay attention while choosing a tree, you may be putting yourself or anyone else who goes into the tree house in danger. So, always make sure that the tree that you select, must not be too young or too old, instead it should be:

Sturdy: The tree should comprise of strong base, sturdy trunk and branches.
Healthy: The tree should be healthy enough without any evidence of disease or parasites that could weaken the tree.
Mature:The roots of the tree must be deep enough and well-established.

The best thing you can do in order to select the perfect tree is to have an arborist inspection over the tree before starting to build a tree house.

  • Think about your purpose of building a tree house: This is one of the most important points that you must consider before start to build a tree house. Just think about what you want from your tree house: whether you want it to be a hideaway for adults or want to make it a play area for kids. If you are considering building a tree house for children, make sure to keep it close to the ground i.e. about 5 feet.
  • Check for local regulations relevant to your tree house project: There may be some restrictions or standards set by your community when it comes to buildings or any kind of dwelling. You must make sure to check with your local authorities about any restrictions, regulations or ordinances related to your tree house project. Take a permit for building your tree house, if required.
  • Make a plan: Building a tree house is not about simply starting building a house after finding the right tree. You are required to make a proper plan. Based on the exact measurements on your blueprints, make a draft of how your tree house is going to look. For getting a perfect structure, you can have your plan and design checked by an engineer or tree house builder who has expertise and experience in such constructions.
  • Make use of right tools and materials: Most of the tree houses are built with wood due to its light weighted property and flexibility. Choose a kind of wood that can resist rain and moisture for the exterior. The various tools required while constructing a tree house includes: A ladder, Saw, Hammer, Nails, Drill machine, Screwdriver, Screws, Tape and some chalks to mark measurements.
  • Keep in mind all the safety measures: Although, tree house is a relatively small project, you must implement all the safety measures while construction. Falling out can be one of the biggest hazards of a tree house. So, in order to stay safe, take all the precautions to make sure that everyone involved in building the tree house stays safe.

All these tips can really be helpful for you while building your choice of tree house.


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