Making The Most of Storage – Home Decor Ideas

No matter how much space you have in your home, it just always seems like it is never enough. From the pile of clothes on the chair in the corner of your bedroom to the cluttered study table, the struggle for space is never-ending.

While the usual solution is to get rid of the things you no longer use, it is not always easy to cut down on your belongings. So for all those who find it tough to part with your beloved belongings, here is how to make the most of the space you already have without having to Marie Kondo your way out of this mess.

Storage Hacks To Optimize Your Space

The Kiddie Space

For households with kids, toys and clutter become a way of life for the parents, but it doesn’t have to be. Invest in a good multi-utility storage organizer for your child’s room, which not only offers storage space but makes organizing their stuff much easier. You can go for something functional and quirky like the one below, which also helps elevate your home decor aesthetic.


This is a solid hack that most people are aware of but forget to implement for some reason or another.

Always go for a bed that offers multiple storage options so that you have a place to stash all your linens and bedsheets.

Your Ottoman Friday

What if you could turn your seating furniture into storage? Well, it can give you some extra space to store everything without taking up any extra floor space. Ottomans are an excellent furniture choice for the same. Their smart design offers comfortable seating for you and your guests while also providing you plenty of space for extra storage. Go for a slightly bigger ottoman with storage if you need a lot of space, or you could also go for a smaller one to store knick-knacks.

Jack of All Trades

Imagine a study desk, a cabinet, and a wall shelf all in one. It is an organiser’s greatest fantasy, and it can make storing your stuff easier for you. With a multipurpose desk, you can organise your books on the shelf, use the desk for studying or working, and also store your extra belongings in the adjacent cabinet. It takes up much less floor and wall space and is also quite convenient to clean.

Declutter. Simplify. Optimise.

Those were some handy hacks for optimising the storage in your home. The list contains fairly simple hacks that you can integrate into your home decor without the need for any actual construction. Head on over to Pepperfry to find many more multipurpose furniture pieces that can help you organise your storage better.


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Making The Most of Storage – Home Decor Ideas