Aside from being a source of light, table lamps can be unique focal points in a room that tie an entire design concept together.

Choosing the right table lamps for a room is a key decision in the design process. This, of course, is important both for style and functionality. Fortunately, there are no shortage table lamp styles, so you are bound to find the right ones for your home. Here are seven of our favorite table lamp styles for any room.

White Ceramic

White ceramic lamps are the perfect option for almost any space as they are able to blend in with any décor. Although white ceramic lamps come in many shapes and sizes, you can’t go wrong with a traditional shape with sharp, bright white. To complement the classic look, keep and equally bright white lamp shade on this style of lamp. But don’t be afraid to experiment with different shade colors—lamp shades are like accessories for lamps.


Speaking of color, why not take a walk on the wilder side with boldly colored lamps. You’d be amazed how well a hot-pink lamp fits in with your all black living room or how perfect a lime green lamp goes with your brown bed sheets. Colorful lamps easily become focal points regardless of their shape or size.


Most people think of smooth curves and roundness when they think of lamps. That’s why square or rectangular lamps are the perfect choice for defying expectations. No doubt, their unique shape will also make them a focal point, so be sure to pick a good one. Being angular also allows for more non-traditional textures. As a result, the number of options you have for fitting a square lamp into your décor can balloon very quickly


Wood is not just for those rustic decors. No, a little touch of wood can beautifully accent modern decors as well as more traditional ones. In fact, you can hardly ever go wrong in terms of design when bringing a little natural material indoors.


If you live in a small home or apartment, mirrored lamps are the perfect addition to your space. Apart from being modern gorgeous, mirrored lamps actually increase a room’s ambient light and pendant lights level by bouncing light off of their bases. Couple mirrored lamps with a square lamp shade for an ultra-modern effect. No matter what, mirrored lamps always bring a flash of glamour to any room.

Slim base, Big Shade

Of course, lamps aren’t just about a beautiful base. In fact, opting for a lamp with an unremarkable, slender pole-like base leaves a lot of room for experimenting with shades. For a contemporary modern look, pair a slim based lamp with a large, drum-like shade. This can have a dramatic effect on a room without stealing attention from other focal points.

Opaque Shades

If you want to use your lamp for reading, translucent lamp shades are your best option. However, if you want your lamp to function mostly as accent lighting, then opaque shades are right up your alley. Here again, the important design aspect has more to do with the lamp shade than the lamp base. Still, there are just as much variety with shades as there is with the bases.

There are other things to keep in mind when selecting the right table lamp. Make sure you intend on placing it in an optimal place in the room with what is optimal being determined by how you intend on using the lamp. Also be sure to recognize when the size of a lamp is disproportionate to scale with the table upon which you are placing it.


Michele Duchet is an Interior designer at in NJ, USA and she works with schools and homeowners to help create a safe an elegant home decor, that feature lighting with a variety of lights and lamps  .

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