5 Ingenious and Obvious Uses for a Foot Stool

Mango Wood Eight Corner Wooden Stool
Funky footstools like this can be great addition to a home specially if you are looking for multipurpose option

By Guest Author David James

Foot stools are a great addition to any living space, and best of all they’re not just useful for resting your feet on! They have a variety of uses and nowadays come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Your footstool can easily be made to match your furniture and décor and can be a very useful accessory in any part of the house.

Some uses for foot stools, such as putting your feet up when they ache, are obvious. Others, such as using a hollow foot stool for storage, are more ingenious. Read on for five top ways to use a foot stool in your house. You may just be surprised at how versatile this small piece of furniture can be.

Putting your feet up

Let’s start with the obvious. A foot stool is designed for putting your feet up. Whether you’ve just had a long day pounding the high street for the latest bargains or are feeling the effects of a weekend run, resting your feet on a stool is a great way to ease aches and pains. The typical advice for healing general aches and pains in the legs and feet is to rest, apply ice and compression and elevate. Having a foot stool handy in the event of sprains or simply just tired tootsies can help you get back up on your feet as quickly as possible.

New Jute Footstool
This adorable New Jute Footstool is sleek and refreshing in style


Storage foot stools come in all shapes, sizes and colours so you can easily find one to match the look of your home and get some hidden added storage space. Using a foot stool to hide away things such as magazines and board games is the perfect way to ensure things are within reach without cluttering up the room.

Home decor

Foot stools can also be a home décor accessory. If you think your room is missing something or you want to add a blast of colour without getting out the paintbrushes or investing in a new sofa, then a new foot stool can be the answer.


A foot stool can also become a table. So long as it is sturdy and level you can use the top of the stool to rest your glass of wine, remote controls and books on. Even soft-furnished foot stools can be used in this way. If you’re worried about staining or marking the top of the foot stool be sure to use a coaster.

Make-do step stool

If you don’t have a step ladder to hand and need to change a light bulb you might be able to use your foot stool to gain those extra inches needed to reach the ceiling. Just be sure that the foot stool is sturdy enough to take your weight and that there is someone else there to help keep you steady. Toddlers learning to walk can also use the foot stool for balance or as a kind of stepping stone as they start to move around the room more.


David works as a marketer for Premier Footstools in the UK.  In his spare time he’s an avid writer and loves sharing tips on home décor.


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