7 Easy Ways To Give Your Kitchen A Makeover

Your kitchen is the most used room in your house – and also the most neglected. While we all focus on surface cleaning, we neglect the bigger ones since they can turn out to be quite expensive. But this needn’t be the case. You can give your kitchen a quick makeover by following some simple tips.

Here are seven easy ways to keep your kitchen looking fresh and new.























Tip 1: Replace Light Fittings

In all the cooking that goes on in your kitchen, it is often the lights that bear the maximum brunt. Due to the smoke and heat in the kitchen, they can end up looking old, beat-up and haggard, which in turn may be causing the whole room to look unkempt. So instead of spending the big bucks by changing the flooring or installing new, heavy-duty gadgets, replace the light fittings instead. They will be infinitely cheaper but will give your kitchen a whole new look. Besides, with the wide variety available in the market, you don’t really need to hire an interior decorator – just pick up the one you like and get your electrician to fit them on.

Tip 2: Spruce Up The Kitchen Cabinets

They may a decade old and you may be tired of seeing them every single day, but there is a simpler (and cheaper) way of changing it up a little. Instead of replacing the entire cabinet that you’re used to, why not give it a splash of colour instead? Add a bright dash of colour to your cabinets to liven up the kitchen a bit and instantly give it a new look. If you feel like this is a bit much, simply polish the cabinets to keep them looking shiny and new.

Tip 3: Change The Countertops

Here’s another simple way to give your kitchen a makeover. The countertop that has been used and abused for all these years can be easily replaced causing the entire kitchen to look new. These days, many furniture stores offer seasonal discounts, where you can pick up a great design for a subsidised rate. They will also come to your house and replace it, so you don’t even need to undergo that little hassle.

Tip 4: Arrange Your Cutlery And Crockery In The Cabinet

If you have a glass cabinet in the kitchen, you can make optimum use of it by making it a decorative element. Arrange all your fancy china – plates, cups, saucers, glasses, et al – so that it looks nice and is a convenient mode of storage as well. Install a fancy light over the cabinet that will create a flattering image. All this without spending the big bucks or spending too much time on it!

Tip 5: Get Some Cool New Shelves

If you prefer your cabinet the way it is, how about setting up some funky, brand-new shelves to give it a much-needed boost? Not only will they look great but they are extremely handy to store odds and ends like spice bottles and sauces on. You can also store small utensils that you need all the time here, so you don’t need to sift through your collection if you’re in a hurry to make a cup of tea.

Tip 6: Buy Easy-To-Clean Appliances

The next time you want to buy a new toaster, microwave, fridge or mixer, don’t just go for something which has the maximum features – think about how it’ll fit in your kitchen as well. Remember to pick up appliances in neutral shades like black and chrome that will go well with any kind of décor so you won’t have a mismatched kitchen even if you do decide to redecorate. Besides, these colours are easy to clean and don’t show dirt easily, making sure they look cleaner and newer for a much longer time.

Tip 7: Invest In A Chimney

It’s value-for-money, cheap and easy to install. Besides, it absorbs all the fumes that come out of your food while cooking, thus serving a dual purpose. Not only will it keep the kitchen cooler but it will also ensure that heat-related damage to your cabinets and appliances is at a minimum.


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7 Easy Ways To Give Your Kitchen A Makeover