How To Series: Give Your Room A Makeover In 5 Easy Ways

So here’s how it goes. It’s been a while since you’ve started living in your new apartment, and now you’re tired of seeing the old same walls and furnishings. The thought of redecorating or hiring an interior designer seems like too much of a bother, not to mention expensive, so what do you do to make sure your room looks different, without having to go the whole hog(move out, that is)?

Make it over, of course! Here are five simple ways to change the look of your room without having to break your pad down in Hulk-en rage.














Paint The Walls!

The first thing one notices in any space is the colour. It controls everything from your mood, to whether or not you’ll get lucky. (Without making your date feel like you’re going to cook them into a stew after the canoodling, that is.)

Not to mention paint is cheaper than most DIY challenges. Use a colour wheel to determine the colour scheme of your room, so you can paint your walls accordingly. Remember that two colours next to each other will complement each other, while opposites will give a contrasting effect. If you feel like painting all the walls seems like a bit much, paint just one wall and use it as an accent wall.

Replace Your Pillows And Cushions!

Set yourself a budget (preferably over the 2 digit mark) and buy your room some cushions and pillows, and invest in some colour! Not only do these give your room a new look, but they can complement the rest of the décor, further. Get some throw cushions in pop colours or, if you have an accent wall, get pillow covers in that colour to match with it. Different-sized cushions give a great look to your room, and you can arrange them on the bed, sofas or couches. Look for bargains at home-ware stores, experiment a little with colours and ideas, and keep changing it up!

Update Your Lights And Decorations.

Simply changing up your lights can make a great difference to the look of your room. Remember that strong lights give a harsh look, while mellow light is more soothing (the yellow ones are better for the environment, and, your pocket) Invest in a box of string lights, which would set you back by 200 Rs. and your room looks like a spa, plus you end up thoroughly looking new age and cool. Move the position of your lights, from the side tables to above the bed to make for a change. You can make your own pot-pourri with old flowers and oils! Use your imagination, and your room will never look the same again!

Change The Bedding!

Sometimes, all you need to do is get some new bedding to change the look of your room. If you’ve become tired of looking at and using the same flowered bedspreads and blankets, maybe it’s time to go for, maybe, stripes for a change? Or even just a plain colour can look great. If your walls are painted in a subtle shade, go for bold prints in your bedspread and vice versa – you don’t want your room to look overdone! (If you do, then go the whole hog!)


Think of things you really like and make them a part of your room. Your room is an expression of yourself, and what better place to display your personality?! (If you happen to have a boring personality, or are just plain uninspired, you could look into getting ‘inspired’ from websites on the internet. is a great place to play around with home decor ideas.) If you like paintings, hang one done by you on the walls (unless it’s terrible), or if you like music, place a keyboard in the room. Those fond of books can make place for a bookshelf, whereas if you’re a movie buff, arrange a cabinet with your favourite films.

All it takes is a little bit of effort and imagination to completely revamp your room – have some fun with self-expression; you’ll be surprised at the results!


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How To Series: Give Your Room A Makeover In 5 Easy Ways