7 Exquisite Makar Sankranti Decoration Ideas at Home 2023

Kites overcast the sky, and you can feel the chill in the weather while the sweet smell of til beckons you home—Makar Sankranti is here. Or is it Pongal, Lohri, or Uttarayana? Whatever you call it, the festival of kites and harvest is here, and so are we with our Sankranti decoration ideas at home because this joyous festival needs to be celebrated in style.

7 Delightful Sankranti Home Decoration Ideas

With each Indian state set to welcome Makar Sankranti with its own rituals and food, it makes ardent sense to deck up your home in colours, flower decoration, and decorations that celebrate the Sun deity and nature’s bounty in full measure.

While to some, a festival is an occasion to pep up their home with new statement pieces and whitewashing; others would prefer a simpler Sankranti decoration at home. So, how can you change up things around your home that deliver all the celebratory feels without compromising on your home’s design theme?

Read on for some choicest Sankranti decoration ideas at home that will serve as the perfect background for your Instagram reels while blasting away Patang Uda Re Chora.

Udi Udi Na Jaye Patang (Kite)

Not all kites are meant to be flown—yes, even on Makar Sankranti, the festival of kite flying. Instead, some of them become ingrained in your Makar Sankranti decoration at home. From house walls to front doors to stair railings—pick any spot, and you can easily hang kites to give your home a festive flair. You can even go up the notch by involving kids in building a kite toran.

Feeling more adventurous? Incorporate attention-grabbing traditional wallpapers or murals that are representative of the village life and spirit.

Rangeen Rangoli For Makar Sankranti Home Decoration

Rangolis were, are, and will continue to be a staple Makar Sankranti home decoration idea or any festival for that matter. They just are a beautiful and colourful way of adding new flavours to your home entrance or the puja room.

Go natural by using flower petals, pulses, and colourful leaves to draw up out-of-box designs and compost these elements post-celebrations. Feel free to go down the elaborate route by adding pots and sugarcane symbols to your rangoli/Kolam to outmatch your neighbours. After all, not all battles are fought in the sky with kites.

A Sugary Sankranti Spin

Makar Sankranti signifies meals loaded with sesame, rice, and jaggery. But why stop there? How about adding sugary elements as part of your Makar Sankranti decoration at home? Line your dining room with clay pots of boiled rice and milk, or go completely rustic by hanging sugarcane sticks and leaves between the pots while singing Gud Naal Ishq Mitha.

Dine in Sankranti Style

 Imagine spending hours cooking some of the best Sankranti delicacies that could beat Radisson’s food festivals and not even decking up the dining table to usher in the festive spirit. Meh!

Hoard and display earthy-hued ceramic or terracotta plates, or go traditional with banana leaves for serving sweets as part of your Sankranti decoration ideas at home. Put in some diyas or teak-smelling candle holders to fire up your dining space. Use runners with traditional motifs on your dining table and add some luxurious touches with exotic flower vases.

Light Up for a Bright Sankranti

We know what you’re thinking. Light up when we have already planned for a bonfire night? Well, why not? What screams bright and festive more than string lights sprung across your balcony? Ok, maybe kites do, but we can’t fly them at night. However, what we can fly are paper lanterns—write your wishes for the new year and give them wings.

Feeling creative? Experiment with some DIY lanterns that use glass bottles or seashell lights as part of your Makar Sankranti home decoration. Or go all out, and add a Jhumar Light to your home decor.

Farm Animal Figurines for Sankranti Decoration at Home

Let’s be honest; there would be no Makar Sankranti if there were no farm animals toiling away with the farmers in the fields. So, a creative Makar Sankranti decoration idea at home is to add tiny figurines of farm animals, such as cows, that are deeply revered during this festival. Or you could also hang wood-painted cow heads on your walls. They will even add a traditional touch to your home décor all year long.

Feel the Aroma

Round off your Makar Sankranti home decoration with home fragrances that blend in perfectly with your bonfire and home interiors. They are sure to add a vibrant touch to your celebrations while you serenade your loved ones to the tunes of Kesariya and Ambarsariya.

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7 Exquisite Makar Sankranti Decoration Ideas at Home 2023