To design the perfect bathroom you need to plan in advance.

There are simple and easy ways to design your bathroom especially with the help of an interior designer. However, it is advisable to plan ahead for the things you want or how you want in your bathroom designs.

An important thing to note when designing the bathroom is its functionality. If you have a dysfunctional bathroom, why bother in having one, right? If it doesn’t serve its purpose, then there is no use.

Among the busiest rooms in the house, the bathroom is one of them. It gets a lot of foot traffic and there are times that people need to go to the bathroom at the same time – so this is something that needs a careful planning.

Knowing the things you have to work with and the type of factors that are going to affect the design of the bathroom will determine the design decisions including the type of fixtures that’s needed. There are four big factors that will greatly affect the design of the bathroom, some of which are:


Location plays an important role when it comes to designing ones bathroom relative to the rest of the house. Ideal position or location of the bathroom should be near to other rooms where the water is used mostly and those are the kitchen and laundry.  Having a shorter distance for the hot water to flow within the rooms that need it will help increase its efficiency. Added to that is for your bathroom to be located where the bedrooms are near for easy access especially if on an emergency and you have to dash to your bathroom.


The size of the room that you have to work with determines what fits and where things go and its practical layout and function. Make a sketch of the layout and shape with added measurements. Added to the measurements is the size and type of door or windows that goes there. Installing a shower or bath tub will need more room, so this should be taken into consideration. If the bathroom doesn’t have much space, the best thing to do is to add a shower above the bath.


Another thing that needs to be considered is the number of people in the household – if it’s a family, elderly couple, disabled or a single occupant – every bathroom’s design is dependent on the type of household that is living there.


When it comes to the expenses involved in bathroom renovation, you need to set aside a certain budget – meaning the amount you are comfortable spending for your bathroom. If you are going for a fancy design with marbled walls and floors, then you will need a higher budget.

Time also is a big factor. You need to think about how much time it will take to build or renovate a bathroom. If building a new house, then it’s easier and it won’t disrupt the daily activities of the household; however, if it is a renovation – it’s more complicated and careful planning as to where the family will use the bathroom if theirs is still under renovation, especially if there is only one bathroom.

To sum it all up, before starting on building the bathroom or renovating it for that matter, it is best to be 100% certain of the design of your bathroom. Once the building starts, there is no room for a change of plans as it will be an additional cost of money as well as time, plus this will create more confusion with the rest of the workers that are involved in the building.




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