New Year resolutions might be passé, but home resolutions aren’t. After all you spend a large part of your life at home, wouldn’t it be a good idea to make it a place you love and cherish? Here are some tips to get you started.


  1. Embrace minimalism – Spring cleaning doesn’t have to wait till spring, start the new year on a clean slate. Have a hoarding problem? Well, who doesn’t! The rule of thumb is to get rid of anything you haven’t touched in the last size months. Believe us, if you haven’t used it you probably don’t need it, unless it has sentimental value. In that case, we have nice trunks or chest of drawers that can come to your rescue.


  1. Change things up – Bored of how your space looks? Make a change. Furniture and home decor shopping doesn’t always have to be expensive, get a new piece (or two), move things around, try a new arrangement, and lo behold, you have a room that feels new!


  1. Treat yourself – Because you deserve it! A nice aromatic candle, a new box of tea, a bunch of fresh flowers, a pretty artwork you’ve been eyeing for ages, whatever your thing is, pamper yourself, and enjoy it. Nothing feels better than that!


  1. Invest 15 minutes every day – Your house needs your time. 15 minutes of sorting, cleaning, organizing, putting things away, etc., isn’t just therapeutic, it helps keep your house in order. You’ll always be ready for unannounced guests.


  1. Put yourself first – Wellness has been an “it” word for a while now, and why not, living well is the only way to live. Prioritising your needs is the first step towards living an amazing and abundant life. Remember, you only live once. Happy good life to you! 🙂


Best Of 2018