Imagine a world that’s black and white – sounds like a scene out of a classic movie? What if we told you that black and white decor could be contemporary and sophisticated? Monochrome, in the world of interior design, is anything but boring when applied well. We are here with ways to make it work!  There are countless ways to play with the palette, read on for tips and inspiration.


  • A black & white colour combination is probably the most versatile palette in the planet. It can work for any home style, be it contemporary, colonial, modern or eclectic.
  • Even if you’re obsessed with colour, again, B&W trumps! It acts as the perfect neutral canvas to play with bright pops of colour. that can  no better way to pull off bright pops of colour than with a black and white background. It acts as a neutral canvas to experiment on.


  • It’s easily the best way to pull off a put-together look. Picture this – white wall, dark wood furniture, colourful accents, and you look like you’ve put thought into doing up your space. Sorted!
  • Nothing spells modern and dramatic like a monochrome. Black and white builds a strong visual base for a room.
  • It allows change. You could easily switch the colours of your the accent pieces and get a brand new look, just like that. How effortless is that?


If you’ve been worried that sticking to a colour scheme might be boring over a period of time, we hope this blog proved you wrong. Go on, embrace monochromes and experiment with your space.

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