How To Glam Your Home This Festive Season

Welcome to our favourite time of the year, when there’s a festival, a wedding or some celebration every other day! And boy, do we love it! The glam, the excitement, the celebrations and the chaos – we wouldn’t have it any other way. And this year just feels extra special. After two years of pandemic-ridden hush-hush celebrations, this season is simply going to be a big fat Indian party! And we’re here to help you decorate your homes for the upcoming festivities.

If there’s one thing Lord of the Rings has taught us, it’s that ‘ONE DOES NOT SIMPLY START NEW CELEBRATIONS WITH OLD HOME DECOR!’

Your home deserves a makeover just as festive, aesthetic and beautiful as you. And we’re here to guide you through the trendiest festive home decor ideas.

Remember the 2 As – Artisanal and Antiques!

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when we say festive aesthetics? Pooja, mandap, traditional flowers and probably furniture pieces that scream traditional, ethnic and artisanal, right?

Artisanal and antique pieces of furniture are always the best way to tick mark the festive home checklist. The beauty of an artisanal living room lies in the details. We’re talking living room upholstery made of ethnic prints like ikat, indigo, bagru, etc., vintage wall arts, antique metal and wooden show pieces that have a unique story to tell, maybe a rich and intricate afghani carpet… the list just goes on.

And why stop here? You can give your kitchen a makeover too. We’re talking tablecloths in traditional patterns like paisleys, motifs, shibori, ajrakh, etc., vibrant Moroccan-printed doorknobs, intricately carved pantry shelves and more. The sky is the limit!

Lights will guide you home

Revamping your pooja ghar for Ganesh Chaturthi? Decorating your house for Diwali? Dressing up your living room for a wedding in your family? Nothing screams festive extravaganza quite like aesthetic lighting.

Give the favourite nook of your living room a face-lift with a statement lamp. Got an empty wall and you’re not quite sure what to do about it? How about some vintage-inspired wall sconces framing an artisanal piece of art? Adorn the shelves, center tables and cabinet tops in your home with statement candle stands and tea light holders. It’s a sure shot way to add some subtle glam to your festive decor. The chandelier in your living room is one of the biggest highlights of your home and you must ensure that they have a touch of grandeur attached to them.

Here’s a pro-tip simply because we love you: If there’s any part of your home you want to bring subtle focus to, addition of attractive pendant lighting is a low-key flex!
Also, never underestimate the importance of good ambient lighting. You can thank us later.

Paint the home red !

Well not exactly red but you definitely need to bring your A-game with colours when it comes to festive interiors. It’s a no-brainer that colours and festivals go hand-in-hand! However, it can be really easy to go overboard and end up playing Holi with your wall colours and regretting later. The key is placement and restraint!

Choosing one accent wall to jazz up is a good way to start. That awkward empty wall in your bedroom now has a purpose! Spice it up with a beautiful colour and texture and voila! Your bedroom just got festive makeover.

If you’re not a big fan of accent walls, you can go the furnishings route. Keeping your walls and furniture muted and subtle, you can add pops of colours in many different ways. You can add life to your curtains with some ethnic prints and colours. A velvet teal or green sofa with colourful cushions is what every Pinterest-worthy boho dream living room looks like! Your bedside cabinet, some accent kitchen shelves, your dining table ware, colours can make all of these pop beautifully!

Fragrances speak louder than words!

Smell is equally (if not more) important as sight! I mean you do not want your guests walking into a home that still smells of the lunch you had in the afternoon, right!

Your festive fragrances will obviously include some traditional, flowery and musky notes. Getting a whiff of jasmine or marigold while entering is sure to plaster a smile across your guests’ faces. Choose your room fresheners, incense sticks, urulis and scented candles wisely. Too many fragrances competing for attention can easily be off putting. So can fragrance-combos that just don’t go well together.

One key thing to keep in mind is ensuring the fragrance isn’t too empowering! For e.g., isn’t a slight hint of Nargis in a room where everyone’s gathered together vibing to some old school gazals just the perfect setting? Your guests are transported back to their good ol’ days in every sense of the term!

The biggest inspiration is YOU!

Your house is supposed to be a reflection of you. So, while there are a lot of different trends out there, authenticity is a trend that will never go out of fashion! So, figure your personality traits and match your home decor goals accordingly. Minimalist, maximalist, old-world, modern, kitsch, no-fuss – whatever your vibe, you can create a Pinterest-worthy aesthetic to fit your style easily. After all, festivities are as much about celebrating you and your tribe as it is about celebrating our religion. Plants and planters are all the craze these days. Do you love gardening? Bring a part of your nursery inside your home. Flower vases, quaint planters, aesthetic plants – they’re cool ways to breathe some life into your home!

So, go on. You got yourself a fun little project. Get your thinking caps on and mood boards set. Give your home a festive makeover by walking into a Pepperfry store near you or by surfing our catalogue online!

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How To Glam Your Home This Festive Season