Superstar Kajal Aggarwal Tells Us 5 Ways To Maintain A Work-Life Balance

Having done 45 films in her 11 years in the film industry, Kajal Aggarwal is a bonafide superstar. She shoots about 3 films per year and then there are a plethora of promotional events, fashion shows, ad shoots that she has to be a part of throughout the year. Naturally, that leaves her with very little time for her own self.

Ask her if it’s too much and she shrugs with a smile and says, “It’s comfortable”. I guess there’s a reason why thousands of people across the country are crazy about her.

Lucky me, I recently got to spend some time with the actress at her gorgeous Mumbai home – all thanks to Priyam Saha and PepperfryKajal has a beautiful house with the spectacular view of Marine Drive! While we had a hard time getting over the view, Priyam and Kajal got talking and throughout the conversation, she gave us some helpful tips on how to maintain the perfect work-life balance.

You can maintain your calm between the storm by:


1. Keeping a decluttered environment

The first thing that you notice about Kajal’s home is just how neat, clean and orderly it is. She says it is important to stay in an environment that is uncluttered in order to have a clear mind. When you have a chaotic work life, you want to come home to a calm environment. This is probably why you’ll notice that when you finally clean up your room, you feel a lot calmer.

2. Wining, dining, and tea-ing

Kajal might be a self-proclaimed homebody but she says she loves having people home. Hosting dinners, wining, dining and teaing with her friends is totally her thing. And when you think about it, what are friends for right? She even has a tea bar, all set to entertain guests who come out of the blue! After all, you feel at ease when you invite your friends home and have long chats about life at the dinner table or over a cup of tea.

PS: I know I love this and it’s a definite stress-buster.


3. Spacing out your work

Like I said Kajal is one busy bee. But, she says while it seems like she’s working around the clock, her work is comfortably spaced out. Leaving her with enough time to work out, meditate and drink some tea. No matter how busy you are, space out your work and give yourself some time to think and breathe. This also means better planning. Planning your work should be your first priority to have a stress-free environment.

4. Working out

If Kajal, with a schedule like hers, can find time to work out, you definitely can. And workout is one of the proven ways that helps you release some happy hormones. So make time in your daily life to find an hour to get some cardio done or even some dancing. Anything that gets you moving and makes you sweat is a great stress buster.


5. Having a designated meditation spot

One of the most interesting parts of Kajal’s house was her personal meditation corner that she had decorated with some small plants, pillows, and an ethnic rug. It was legit making me want to meditate too. You know how you always have a table to sit and study, a sofa to sit on and watch TV. Kajal says it’s great to have a space dedicated to meditation as well. Meditation she says has helped her calm and soothe her nerves especially in stressful situations.

Due to her busy schedule, Kajal loves shopping online and these are just some of her favourite things that help her create a zen home, click here.


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Superstar Kajal Aggarwal Tells Us 5 Ways To Maintain A Work-Life Balance