Sleep By Design: Creating a Comfy and Cosy Bedroom

Many people dream of retiring for the night to a wonderfully cosy and comfortable bedroom which exudes all the qualities required for a relaxing sleep.
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With a little inspiration and some creativity on your part, it is not that difficult to achieve this feeling of restfulness brought on by having such a comfy and cosy bedroom, and even easier to gain a reinvigorating night’s sleep as a result.


There are a number of different components that you need to combine successfully in order to acquire the look and feel of the perfect bedroom environment and the colour scheme you choose for the walls is one of the aspects of your design that is going to have a big impact on the end result.

There is a lot of research relating to how colour can affect our mood and when it comes to painting the walls in your bedroom, the safest option in order to bring everything in the room together is to use either eggshell white or maybe a pale beige.

Green is considered helpful in promoting feels of tranquillity and good health so you might want to find a shade that you like if you want a colour scheme that is a little less neutral or maybe consider lavender which is helpful in promoting feelings of relaxation in the bedroom.

Bold colours like red are best avoided if you are trying to create a comfy and cosy bedroom and blue can often make a room feel cold, which is certainly not what you want.

The bed

Choosing the right bed is of course the key ingredient in creating your perfect bedroom and you can find a great choice of quality beds through online stores like John Lewis.

Try to choose one that is very sturdy and also ideally it should be bigger than you need, if you have the space to accommodate it. Invest in a comfortable good quality mattress and you might even want to look at features like memory foam, which a lot of people say has greatly improved their sleeping experience and comfort.


Another essential ingredient in ensuring you get a restful sleep is to make sure you find the perfect pillows for you.

Choose the right firmness for your preferred sleep position and don’t just assume that all pillows are the same or that the price dictates the quality on its own merit. People who sleep on their side need pillows which provide firm support while back sleepers are usually better off with a medium pillow, whereas if you sleep on your front, you would probably be better suited to a softer pillow.


Having sorted out your colour scheme and bedding options it is time to put the finishing touches to your bedroom and create the look and feel that you really want in order to have the perfect night time sanctuary that you are after.

A comfortable chair in the bedroom can add a lot to a bedroom and not only will it look great but it is always nice to have somewhere to sit down and reflect on the day that has just passed or to read a book before your retire for the evening.

Think about using some scatter cushions and fabrics that match the colour scheme that you have chosen and don’t be afraid to create a contrast by using some different colours to the ones used on the bedding and curtains, as long as they blend in and create that extra layer of sophistication and individuality.

The concept behind creating the perfect bedroom that is just right for you is to work on the basis that it should be a room that is a good reflection of your personality. Achieving this aim with your bedroom design and layout will enable you to go to bed feeling happy and relaxed and wake up the next morning feeling refreshed and excited about the challenges ahead in your day.

If that is how you feel after your bedroom makeover has been completed then you have almost certainly succeeded in creating the perfect bedroom for you, which is comfortable cosy and even inspirational.


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