Want To Help The Planet? Then Begin With The Way You Shop











If you’ve always wanted to do something to save the planet without being called an activist, we have the solution for you—follow our guide to turn your everyday shopping into a conscious effort to do some good for mother earth!

Most people want to do something to help our environment and eco-system. But not many of us are willing to camp in a tree to fight for a cause or attend rallies and demonstrations. The solution is simple—as a consumer, all you need to do is make a few right choices (listed below) and before you know it, you’ll be on your way to saving the planet (no tree-hugging in sight!)

We are listing the top 8 ways you can make some eco-friendly choices while performing the most basic everyday chore (and sometimes therapy)—shopping.

 Purchase Gifts Which Are Eco-Friendly    

When birthday or holiday presents are on your To Do list, go green! Eco-friendly products like a smart bag are easily available and apart from not harming our planet, very often the proceeds are given to charities.

Buy Fluorescent Light Bulbs  

Fluorescent light bulbs in comparison to the yellow ones use 75% less energy and last about 10 times longer! It’s the perfect way to save on your electricty bills and bring down your carbon footprint!












Buy Reusable Containers   

Instead of buying one-time-use containers, opt for those that are reusable. Tupperware is a great option and like most things that are easy on the environment, it’s easy on your pocket too.

Don’t Use Non-Biodegradable Packaging     

Did you know? Even though plastic and styrofoam is widely used for containers, they cannot be recycled and don’t break down in the environment—becoming conscious about the planet means you need to avoid these two trouble-makers whenever possible.

Shop With Re-Usable Shopping Bags   

Canvas bags have made a huge comeback this season and seem to be here to stay! Pick up one that is trendy, yet cheap and use it to cart around all your groceries—trust us, all the celebs are doing it too!

Don’t Forget To Read Below The Plastic Bottle

Here’s something you might not have known—the bottom of every plastic container—water bottles, lotion containers, lens solution bottles, have numbers on them which correspond to the kind of plastic that has been used. If there’s no number, it can’t be recycled so stay away.

Buy Personal Products Which Are Not Tested On Animals And Are Eco Friendly  

Our furry friends don’t deserve the fate of being poked, proded, blinded and pumped with drugs—it’s unfair, not to mention barbaric so stay clear of any products that have been tested on animals

Go Hybrid!

Next time you consider buying a car, think hybrid. Hybrid cars are a combination of gasoline and an electrical engine. They produce less pollution and do most of the work of helping the environment, while you just sit back and look stylish! Even though you’ll end up saving money on petrol and helping save the planet, these cars do come at a cost.





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Want To Help The Planet? Then Begin With The Way You Shop