Top great reasons I recommend Roller Blinds compared to Others


A Roller blind is a kind of flat rectangular window covering, Window blind or Window shade material fixed onto a wooden or metallic roller so that it can be pulled down to cover a window.


1.     They are good energy savers

The materials used in making roller blinds are getting more sophisticated, and goes beyond an ordinary shade. It keeps the sunlight out on extremely hot days amounting to a reduction in the amount of power you will need to run air conditioner or fan to cool your room. And also during winter, they help you maintain the temperature and you don’t feel too cold, what a technology! Other types of blinds and covering wouldn’t be able to retain this technology conveniently.

2.      You can make them funky as you like

This is the beauty part of it, you can customize you desired design on your roller blinds, or you can decide to leave it plain; no limitation to the design, except the designer is limited. It is a cheap and affordable way to express yourself, jazzing up the whole apartment with your favorite design mix. A handful of companies are available where you can send your design for them to print to your blind and hung by a specialist from them. is an example of a good partner.Obviously, you will pay a bit more than ordering for a ready made blind at the shop, but it’s definitely worth it

3.      They are easy to maintain

One of the greatest reasons I love roller blinds is that they don’t have to be removed from their position of fixing to be cleaned. You can easily roll them down fully, dust it or vacuum it and then wipe it gently with damp cloth; you only have to make sure that the cloth you are using is spotless especially on white blinds. 

4.      They are always simple and neat

The simplicity of using roller blinds is amazing, it can be operated both by the young and old, and because of the plain smooth characteristics, they always remain simple and neat, making the room always tidy. Roller blinds are perfect if you like your interiors ‘minimalistic’.

5.      They are inexpensive

One of the factors that dazzle me about roller blinds is that as great as all their features are, they are inexpensive, although this goes all the way for readymade roller blinds. But if you feel like going for the custom blinds, you will need to up your budget, but not too exorbitant anyway.

6.      They are durable and last for a very long time

Roller blinds are durable; they can stay for years in position without losing quality if they are well-handled and well maintained, and don’t need replacement quickly. The only thing that may make you want to change them is if you get bored of the design but then, “change is inevitable.” However, you can give them out to someone else or convert it to other uses because they remain evergreen.

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Top great reasons I recommend Roller Blinds compared to Others