How To Make Your Easter Brunch Setup, Insta-Worthy

You may be ready with an egg-centric basket filled with your favourite Easter goodies, or may have planned a fabulous seven-course spread this Sunday. But, before you begin the celebrations, it’s time to focus on some décor details, from colours palettes to flamboyant table essentials to transform your abode.

1. Brunch Goals
Celebrating the holiday with a delicious brunch is norm but making it Insta-worthy is priority. With cake, choux and chardonnay aplenty, lend a magical hand to your soiree with some exquisite serveware. If you’re looking to be everyone’s go-to hostess, bring out those crystal whisky decanters, lace table runners and intricate silver cutlery.

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2. Floral Rhapsody
Think gorgeous vases filled with virgin carnations and elegant lilies, if a classic English makeover is what you want. Or you could go traditional and spruce up your drawing room with heirloom urlis brimming with pink lotuses and sunny marigolds for an exotic feel.

3. Antique Showstoppers
If you’re looking to make a statement, nothing adds sparkle and shine to an evening like a classy string of lights. Opt for a romantic crystal chandelier or keep it contemporary with modern brass pieces to add some glamour to your abode.

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4. A Splash of Spring
Add bursts of lively patterns and balance it with pastel hues for an effortlessly vibrant summer abode. Think sherbet tones for furnishings and accentuate your walls with regal wallpapers.

5. Vintage Treasures
Retro-trunks and wicker baskets are back in vogue and ruling the charts. Display your collection of coffee table hardcovers on your priceless trunks, while you secretly store passé outdated ornaments inside. Besides being great for storage, they also exude a warm and earthy look to the room.

(Article written by our design expert – Arshi Mukri, originally published here)

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How To Make Your Easter Brunch Setup, Insta-Worthy