The Evolution Of The Bookshelf

It’s official, bookshelves are not just for books anymore. It’s more like the conversation starter in your living room that allows you to show them what you’ve got. Who, them? Them, guests. From the snoopy folks who like to like to see what you’re showing (and hiding) to honest bookworms wanting to borrow (and never return) some of your treasures – bookshelves have come a long way from being a piece of furniture where books are dumped. So here’s some inspiration to dress up your shelves.


Tip 1: Arrange it strategically – people judge a bookshelf by the books you own


Tip 2: Pepper it up with décor – add a curio here, a framed artwork there


Tip 3: Mix it up – blend vertical and horizontal arrangements


Tip 4: Make it pretty – get the good covers facing outwards


Tip 5: Follow a colour scheme – group books by colour, colour-coded shelves are a treat to the eyes


If you’re looking to buy bookshelves (or bookcases if being dust-free is high is important to you), look us up. And we’ve got coffee table books too, in case you didn’t know.

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The Evolution Of The Bookshelf